Yuxing Wu
Yoga fact Tile image.png

Yoga Facts Infographic

Yoga fact Tile image.png

Yoga Facts Infographic

An infographic poster aimed to introduce yoga and its growing practice in the US.  




According to 2016 “Yoga in America” national study, 28% of American are yoga practitioners. Having recently started to learn yoga myself, I wanted to research and convey yoga’s prevalence and benefits to the public, in the hopes of helping more people improve mental and physical health through yoga.

In creating this infographic, I selected 4 infographics as my visual language, color, typography and layout models. I exploited visual potentials and visual design principles for my final design. Each display is designed and iterated based on viewer’s feedback.

I was required to create a portfolio site detailing my design process. I also created a video to demonstrate my design considerations. Welcome to check them out!


Product & Skills

  • Visual Design
  • Information visualization
  • Graphic Design

Time Frame

  • March – June 2018

  • This is an infographic created for my Visual Information Design class. The final poster is created with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Tableau.



Retrospective & Takeaways

Creating this infographic greatly improved my ability in visual design. My understanding in visual design theories (such as visual language & hierarchy, encodings, unity & variety, color and typography) is deepened. Emulating models teaches me how to work around design constraints like limited color palette and fixed layout.

Insturctor feedback for INFO362.png

Good visuals don’t necessarily mean good UX, but good UX must has nice and clean visuals. Applying these theories into UX design will help me create more intuitive and compelling visuals as a UX & Product Designer. Thank you Prof. Marilyn Ostergren for all the support, I had such a fun time studying and working on Visual Information Design!