Yuxing Wu

Fragile Families

Fragile Families

A Data Science Project on studying the impact of parental involvement on children’s school performance.


The Fragile Families study is a data science research based on the public "Fragile Families" dataset released by Princeton. For our research, we focused on finding out how parent’s engagement with children or parent partnership may promote child academic success in school. We conducted the research through a series of robust data analysis -- access and subset the data for related questions, clean the data for specific modeling techniques, discover potential predictive variables, and use those variables to predict performance in math, science, and reading. We wrote a research paper and created a poster for communicating our findings.

The final conclusion of our study is that the number and frequency of activities that you do with your child may not lead to a direct influence on improving school performance, but rather that the health of your relationship with a significant other could be more beneficial for the child.


  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Visulization


  • R Studio
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Canva


  • September-December 2017
  • I worked in a group of 3, where I was in charge of feature selection, data modeling and data visualization. I was the only person with design background in the team.


Below is the research poster I created for the project, please check out our project Github Wiki Page to learn about our research process!

How can you help your child do better in school_.png